Brown PatchesEveryone loves the look of a consistent lawn – we can’t help it, it’s the perfectionist in all of us shining through (yes, even you). So here at UltraGreen, we know exactly how frustrating it feels to see a blemish or two pop up on your beautiful yard and not know why it arrived. Accurately determining the source of lawn spotting is where we begin separating the lawn care expert’s from the passionate hobbyists.

Here at UltraGreen, we not only want to assist you in your lawncare endeavors, but we want to educate you too. If you are noticing yellow or orange patching around your lawn, it may be suffering from disease. You can get ahead of lawn diseases with our 100% organic disease controller, Holganix.

Filled with plant probiotics, microorganisms, and humid and fulvic acid, your lawn can heal without putting unneeded stress on surrounding flora and fauna. Not much of a environmentalist? No worries, there are plenty of other reasons why we recommend Holganix here at UltraGreen.

  1. It promotes deeper, more web-like root growth within root systems.
  2. Holganix helps build more resilient plants. Since they are pumped up with only the healthy stuff, they are able to withstand disease, insect and weather related stressors.
  3. The intake of nutrients and water increases. Think of this benefit from a more humanistic perspective, the more we take care of our bodies and feed it good things, the better we feel – same for plants.
  4. Synthetic inputs are lessened which means there is more space/opportunity for superfoods and probiotics to pack themselves into your plants

Brown Patches Your yard is a labor of love and sometimes love is fickle. Let us be your lawn counselor this fall and help you navigate your way to a healthier, more beautiful landscape. Sign up this fall and save $20 on your Holganix treatment at our Arkansas location. Call us today at (501) 944-3712 to get started!

Available to Arkansas clients only for a limited time.

Available to Arkansas clients only for a limited time.