With all the lawn care companies in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida states, it can be difficult to know how to judge a good lawn care program from a mediocre or even bad one.

Here are three ways to know if you are picking the right program for your lawn.

1.  How much does it cost?

Selecting a lawn care program isn’t just about cost. Sometimes a cheap cost means a cheap and inferior program. But, you also don’t have to select the most expensive lawn care program in town.

When selecting your lawn care company, get rid of the outcasts (those that offer too much or too little) to stay on budget and still get green, weed free results.

2.  What products are they using?

Is the lawn care company using superior products? We recommend selecting companies that utilize an organic-based lawn fertilization program, especially those that use a plant probiotic. When it comes to caring for your plants, it’s not just about the nutrients (fertilizers) you feed your lawn. Plant probiotics naturally fortify the soil and roots to create healthy, resilient plants.

Combining a plant probiotic with traditional, chemical fertilizers means you are solving plant issues proactively and naturally, while reducing chemicals by up to 75%.

3. Listen to their customers!

When in doubt, look up reviews. How is the lawn care company rated on Angie’s List and Facebook? What do their testimonials say? When you are on the search for a quality lawn care company with a quality program, sometimes the customers really do know best.

Check out our lawn care program, incorporated with plant probiotics below:

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