Got weeds? There are three key weeds that are a constant presence in Arkansas, Tennessee and Florida landscapes. Be on the lookout for these weeds and if you see them creeping into your landscape, call your lawn care service provide straight away before they get too prevalent.


  1. Yellow Nutsedge

This weed looks like a pale green grass seedling. But, don’t be fooled! Yellow nutsedge is hard to control because the tuber (their roots) keep the plant healthy. A poorly performed herbicide application won’t stop yellow nutsedge. Therefore, when looking to control yellow nutsedge, call in the experts! 

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  1.  Crabgrass

According to the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, “One crabgrass plant, left unchecked, can produce more than 50,000 seeds in one season!” Unfortunately, crab grass also grows quickly in early and mid summer.

The easiest way to deal with this pesky weed? Applying a pre-emergent in February and early March is the easiest fix, but if it’s too late additional pesticide applications can be made to control the plight.



  1. 3. Spurge

When summer heat appears, so does spurge. You’ll find it thriving in weak areas of your lawn, sidewalks and gardens. Keep an eye out for spurge before it starts to produce seed and when they appear, hand pull the weed or use an herbicide. 

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